Trained teams

The Emergency Brigade is a symbol of security and safety in the workplace for everyone as they can rely on professionals trained for emergency situations.

To optimize the resources and
minimize the damage

that emergencies can cause within an organization, it is necessary to have trained teams, which will be responsible for preventing as well as fighting high risks, emergency, accident or disaster, within a company, industry or establishment. The function of these teams is aimed at safeguarding people, their properties, and the environment.

We offer a service of highly qualified brigades for all areas of emergencies, in addition to all the means necessary to meet the needs required by our customers.

Our Emergency Services include:

Human and material resources

For the establishment and control of prevention in emergencies according to the environment and its different risks.

Maintenance and security

Facility maintenance and security resources

Direct action

Direct action in emergencies according to the guidelines provided by the competent authorities

Protection of staff

Specialized functions for the protection of staff in the event of disasters