Airport Training

Seganosa has more than 42,000 m2 of facilities

Seganosa has an exclusive area for the simulation of emergency interventions with aircraft with a total of more than 16.000m2.This part of our facility is dedicated to the approach area and driving area for intervention in the aircraft simulator and spill area. At the same time, roads connect this area to the rest of Seganosa's training facilities, with SSEI vehicles connecting this area to the other simulators.

The aircraft area has a 3-meter diameter airframe simulator with a total length of 25 meters. The aircraft is made of steel plate and a reinforced structure simulating the 1:1 scale geometry of a DC-9.

Seganosa’s training activity is carried out in the airport emergency area using the appropriate practice fields, material resources, equipment and technical personnel, as defined in Annexes II and III of AESA Technical Instruction CSA-16-ITC- 108.

Available equipment

Scenarios to simulate exterior and interior fires

Interior Fires

Fires in small aircraft and helicopters

Training in opening doors and emergency doors in aircraft

Scenarios to simulate fires in buildings

Maneuvering tower

Liquid fuel storage tank

Training in Aircraft fuselage release

Tanker Loading Facility

Gas field

Shipping containers for flashover control

Airport SSEI vehicles:

2 SIDES 2000 Mark III



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