Customized training

Courses adapted to your needs

At Seganosa we are aware of the particularities of every workplace, and this allows us to differentiate ourselves from other companies in terms of facilities, activity, personnel, organizational structure, distribution, seniority, applicable legislation, etc.

Every workplace and company have specific needs in terms of emergency training, which is why Seganosa will work on every detail to achieve a better final product with you and everyone involved.

Our commitment is to design the best training for your company. To do this, we need to understand your objectives and needs perfectly, and have a deep understanding of the target group for your new project. Only with an innovative and flexible project, adapted to the tasks of the target staff, will it be possible to reach the objectives we designed together.

How do we design customized training?



The first step, is to define the goals and the profile of the selected students, so you can choose the education program best fitted to your needs.


Training for the correct use of the technical and technological means applied to the resolution of an emergency.


Training to combine tools, standards, techniques, and procedures in order to provide an immediate resolve an incident or emergency.


Sin título-1 Field TECHNICAL 01 02 FieldTACTICAL 04 FieldSTRATEGIC area do I need? What training 03 FieldOPERATIONAL


Training in management, definition or development of several different operational actions, carried out in a wide variety of contexts with both technical and natural variables as well as economic, organizational, etc.


Training to handle the necessary information to make an adequate decision, allowing the correct evaluation of the situation.



Training level

The second step is to choose the level of training, and acquire a project totally suited to your needs, so that you can cover both the initial training as well as the retraining and updating.


Training areas

The third step is to help you define a training program perfectly suited to your needs, so you can establish different training areas, that will help you prepare and organize the project you are looking for.