Petrochemical Industries

Trained teams

Designed to learn the basic concepts of safety and operation, and everything related to the most common potential interventions in various facilities in the petrochemical industry.

It includes the handling of firefighting equipment, to respond safely and effectively in case of an emergency in a petrochemical complex.

If you want to minimize the risk for both the staff and in your facilities meeting these characteristics and for if you belong to an intervention team, are a safety technician, maintenance personnel, security personnel, or a member of one of the teams defined in emergency plans.

The objective is to make the most of the potential and capacity of our installations, developing extremely realistic scenarios, both in the number of participants, as well as in the spaces used and the risks represented.

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Intentaremos ayudarte a diseñar o elegir el nivel de formación que permitan comportarse de manera segura en caso de emergencia.

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