Activities in the wind sector – Onshore-Offshore.

Seganosa is a GWO-certified training center in BST Safety Training Onshore-Offshore, Advanced Rescue Training (ART) and Enhanced First Aid (EFA).

In addition to the minimum requisites established by the GWO, Seganosa has also created a field of practice for the wind sector for several GWO complementary training.

BST Safety Training Onshore-Offshore

This standard has been developed as a response to the demand in basic safety training (BST) in the industry and has been created by GWO members taking into consideration risk evaluation and accident and incident statistics in installations, service, and maintenance of wind turbines and wind power plants.

Basic Safety Training recommended by GWO members are:

First aid

Manual Handling

Fire Awareness

Working at Height

Maritime Safety

Enhanced First Aid (EFA)

This standard describes the requirements for the training in advanced first aid recommended by GWO members. GWO members consider the professionals trained in this standard as competent in Advanced First Aid in the wind industry. GWO accepts the professionals certified with this standard have the knowledge, skills and aptitudes necessary to provide continuous help to a sick victim or injured during a short period of time while waiting for the arrival of professional emergency services.

Enhanced First Aid (EFA)

Advanced Rescue Training (ART)

Members of the Global Wind Organisation consider the professionals trained in this standard as competent in Advanced Rescue Training (ART) in the wind industry, and they recognise the certified professional has the necessary knowledge to carry out rescue operations in a wind turbine using the industry’s rescue standards and the adequate protection against falls.

ART-H / Advanced Rescue

Hub, Spinner & Inside Blade Rescue

SART-H / Advanced Rescue

Rescue in hub, spinner and inside blade by a single rescuer.

ART-N Nacelle, Tower & Basement Rescue

Rescue in nacelle, tower, and basement.

SART-N Single Rescuer - Nacelle, Tower, Basement

Rescue in nacelle, tower and basement by a single rescuer.

Advanced combined rescue


GWO Complementary training

In addition to GWO complementary training, Seganosa also offers complementary training in security and rescuing.

Use and management of emergency descending devices

Hub rescue

Electric risk

Use and evacuation in Service elevators

Work and rescue with lifting hoists

Mechanical load handling

Wind turbines as confined spaces

Work and rescue in weather towers

Wind turbine safety instructor

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