Experts in Emergency Training since 1990

Our clients’ trust inspires us to work on the delicate balance between branding and quality in the services we provide, as well as to continuously invest in our centers, our technology and, above all, our highly qualified personnel.

Our Training Center is an international referent in emergency training

The Training Centre is mainly focused on the areas of urban, industrial, maritime, forest, and air emergencies. We are among the leaders in the emergency training sector thanks to the constant updating of our simulators and the continuous training of our teaching staff.

More than 30 years
of experience

in the training of emergency professionals and general workers

SEGANOSA has more than 30 years of experience in the training of emergency professionals and general workers responsible for the rescuing and intervention in the most diverse areas of emergency. We have at our disposal a modern Training Center that is constantly updated and adapted to the requirements of the highly specialized field of emergency training.

In SEGANOSA we want to address our clients’ needs by promoting In Companytraining. We can take our courses and training to any location required by the client, in different modalities, and always assuring the training quality that defines us.

Mission and vision

We aim to be our clients' first choice in Air, Maritime and Land Safety Training services while carrying out our activities respecting the environment.

Continuously improving

We work to continuously improve the training service offered to our clients, adapting as much as possible to their needs in order to meet their objectives and expectations.

Environmental management efficiency

We commit to continuously improve the efficiency of our environmental management

Compliance with requirements

We ensure compliance with legal, regulatory, and other requirements applicable to our air, sea, and land safety training activities.

Renewal Philosophy

We believe in the constant renewal of the company in accordance with the technological evolution of the security market, both in infrastructure and human resources.

Strengthen the company's position

We strengthen the company's position in the security sector through the continuous improvement of our processes and activities, in order to fully satisfy our clients.

Cognitive teaching

We are advocates of cognitive teaching in the field of security, keeping in mind that what really matters is the collaboration, cooperation, and safeguarding of people.

Quality Management System

Collaborations and the implementation of the best practices in our organizations ensure the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of our Quality Management System.

Preventing Pollution

We prevent pollution during the performance of all our activities, paying special attention to the protection of the environment.

Reaching these goals requires the participation and involvement of all the staff at SEGURIDAD GALLEGA NOSA TERRA (SEGANOSA), who work with the full support of the Management team at all times for the correct and efficient development of their tasks.


We work closely with leading companies and institutions to create an advantage that is essential in a constantly changing world.

Business collaborations are an integral part of our work philosophy, as we believe they are the best tool to improve and promote productivity and organization, provide new visions and different management styles that are less aggressive, more relational, and often more realistic.

Among the institutions with which we partner, we can highlight Fundación Fuego for its clear vision in the improvement of the security levels in fire protection that contributes to a reduction in the loss of life and property. We are also the protective entity of ASELF (the Spanish Association of Fire Fighters), for its important work in the defense of human lives and estate against accidents of all kinds. We also collaborate with the Asociación Profesional de Técnicos de Bomberos (APTB) in different initiatives for the development of common objectives.

We actively participate in business initiatives as members of the Cluster del Naval de Galicia (Aclunaga).

Fundación Santa Barbara is another of our partners. Their aim is to foster social welfare and to promote those cultural activities aimed at fostering knowledge and scientific and technical research.

We would like to highlight our continuous business collaborations with various leading companies in the industrial sector, that create synergies and optimize our resources. Among others, we could highlight companies such as Group Leader, Global Projects & Supplies o MSA Safety.

Since our foundation, we have also partnered with highly prestigious European and American centers , with the aim of seeking innovation and excellence.