Chemical Hazard

Trained teams

If you need to acquire the basic techniques for accidents and losses with the presence of dangerous substances, choosing and putting on personal protective equipment and using decontamination stations. If you need to familiarize yourself with the types of personal protective equipment to be used in an emergency involving hazardous substances.

In addition to learning the physical-chemical characteristics of the materials in the development of an accident in the presence of hazardous substances and identifying the potential hazards they present, you will acquire the best theoretical-practical knowledge o manage and act safely and effectively in environmental emergencies and learn the dangers associated with the handling of hazardous substances.

For your company's intervention team, if you are a fireman, safety technician, maintenance personnel, security personnel, or a member of one of the teams defined in emergency plans and you also need to know the basic principles of intervention with hazardous substances.

We make the most of our teaching team and practice field to perform multiple maneuvers related to this training area.

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