Emergency management and coordination

Trained teams

If as a coordinator or manager of possible emergency situations in your company, or as a commander assigned to the intervention brigades or fire department, you should focus on:

Identifying the behavior and positions of the all the team members as a key element in management, you need to acquire a working method to develop the techniques and procedures for the correct management of an emergency and you know that one of the most complicated issues is the control, management, and organization of the available means, we will try to help you to learn the tasks of management and coordination that a leader must assume in an emergency.

Our training can help you to design and integrate a strategic command and control system that allows you to understand the operational decisions made with a multi-team management system capable of adapting to the nature of each crisis. We will help you to differentiate the levels of tactical, operational, and strategic decision, and to manage public and internal information and convert it into smart emergency information.

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