Work and rescue at heights and in confined spaces

Trained teams

If you need to teach your colleagues the basic techniques for working at heights and in confined spaces, learn the materials needed to carry out these jobs, such as PPEs, anchorage systems, accesses, etc.

If you also need to acquire the necessary knowledge to develop action plans safely yin order to perform rescues safely, or if you simply need to learn to access the knowledge to improve the skills and abilities required in the development of your functions for rescue and salvage interventions at height.

If you do ascents and descents and you are a firefighter or belong to your company's intervention team, if you are a safety technician or you belong to the maintenance staff or security personnel, if you are a member of one of the teams defined in emergency plans working at more than 2 meters high or in confined spaces and you need the skills to work in cases in which there is a victim at height or in a confined space..

We make the most of our teaching team and practice field to perform multiple maneuvers related to this training area.

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